Risk-benefit associated with Azithromycin: A brief review

Authors: Pradhan A. K., Nahak A., Mohapatra G. N.


Azithromycin is the most popular prescribed antimicrobial agent around the world. It comes under the class of macrolide antibiotics. Because of its higher efficacy, tolerance, and broad-spectrum activity, it is primarily used in upper and lower respiratory tract infections, some sexually transmitted infections, and major bacterial infections. Generally, this is commercially available in solids, liquids, and ophthalmic formulations due to its minimal adverse events. It is also using in the case of COVID-19 drug therapy due to its pharmacological and therapeutical properties but a review of literature presented that it may increase the risk of cardiac death, hepatic injury, ototoxicity, hypersensitivity reactions.

Keywords: Macrolide antibiotics, Ductopenia, Leukopenia, Conjunctivitis, Non-occupational allergic contact dermatitis, Ototoxicity.

Article ID: 20201201