Vaccine safety surveillance across the globe with a focus on the COVID-19 vaccines

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  • Arunima Sen MMS Holding Inc., Bangalore, India


Taking a bird's eye's view across the globe to understand the different methods to look at vaccine safety surveillance, one thing becomes clear. The commitment to monitor the safety of a vaccine does not stop at the clinical development stage. Rather, awareness, reporting, and research need to be bolstered after the vast population gets exposed to the vaccine. Global collaboration, understanding, and embracing the global best practices will go a long way to ensure safer vaccinations. With the COVID-19 pandemic already creating havoc in minds of all, the panic or unacceptance about the vaccination side effects in the population is undesirable.  Adverse events are the unfortunate yet unavoidable element in the journey of a new drug or a vaccine. But since it is a healthy population who are recipients of vaccines, the researchers and PV professionals need to be more mindful of the risk-benefit profile of the vaccine.

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Arunima Sen, MMS Holding Inc., Bangalore, India

Director, Pharmacovigilance and Medical Writing.


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