Pharmacovigilance Webinar: Audit and Inspection


It is our pleasure to announce that we are going to organise an international webinar on Pharmacovigilance: Audit and Inspection this September 8, 2023.  In order to continue our mission about improving good health and safety for patients, we are glad to announce our collaboration with Lucky Link, France. Together, we organize a webinar in September, 8th about improvement of #audit , #inspection and #patientcentricity for a better #patientsafety .
Registration Link :
We are honor to present you our two respectful co-chairs of this event : Dr Luca Cariolato and Dr Rajinder K Jalali, MD Medicine .

We are also very proud to host 6 great speakers from all over the world :
- Dr Ahmed Hegazy, MD, MBBCh, MSc. PharMed from UAE 
- Dr Manoj Swaminathan MBBS, MPH from India 
- Dr Hadir Rostom from Egypt  
- Jose Alberto Ayala Ortiz from Spain 
- Dr. Bassem Toeama from Canada 
- Dr. Amit Jadhav from UK 

Thank you to the amazing team of organizers :  Alain Kut from AK CONSULT and Oriane Bismuth from Lucky Link

About Lucky Link

Lucky Link is a public health consulting company. The mission is to enable the improvement of the healthcare system worldwide through ethical guidance, altruism, business for good in healthcare, patient benefit, and patient expertise. Lucky Link possess various skills, such as facilitating collective intelligence workshops using design thinking, change management methods, and applying social marketing in the healthcare field. Lucky Link promote partnerships with patient associations and patient partners to recognize and value their experiential expertise in health. They have worked with stakeholders in France and internationally.

In recent years, Lucky Link has participated in the facilitation of a healthcare innovation laboratory, jointly managed by the French health insurance and the Ministry of Health. They have also provided advice to the agricultural health insurance (MSA) on health prevention projects concerning caregivers, mental health, and vulnerable populations. This year, Lucky Link  has the privilege of collaborating in organizing a public health congress, bringing together countries from the Abraham Accord, as well as organizing this Pharmacovigilance webinar with our new partners, the Global Society of Pharmacovigilance and the JPADR. This webinar aligns with our goal of improving patient health and safety worldwide. We are delighted to welcome speakers from all around the world to share their knowledge and experiences, working together to enhance the healthcare system.

At Lucky Link, staffs are dedicated to making a positive impact on global healthcare. Through our expertise and collaborative approach, we strive to drive meaningful change, ensuring better health outcomes for individuals and communities worldwide.