Dr. Josue Bautista Arteaga

President, Mexican Pharmacovigilance Association

Pharmaceutical Chemist with 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. He holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Administration. President of the Mexican Pharmacovigilance Association. Since 2006, he has played several roles across the Pharmaceutical Industry in areas such as Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Medical Information, but since 2011 he has been working in Pharmacovigilance for Wyeth, GlaxoSmithKline and Merck Sharp & Dohme, and Pfizer, on the recent role he was responsible for the PV operations for the AMER region ( CAN, USA and LATAM) as  Senior Director.    



Dr. Irene Rina Fermont

Chairman, ISoP Israel.

Irene-Rina Fermont is a Physician and immune-hematologist. She had done her MSc in Bioengineering at Ecole Centrale Paris. She had set up and managed bone marrow graft and hemovigilance units in Yvelines Blood Bank.  Dr. Irene is having 25 years of experience in Pharmacovigilance at the global level. She was the Founder and Director of IFC Ltd Strategic Safety Consulting,  France, UK, Israel. Currently, She is the Founder and Chair of ISOP ISRAEL.


Dr. Gareth Dyke

Author Education Manager

Dr. Gareth Dyke is Author Education Manager at Edanz (edanz.com). He has a Ph.D. in geology from the University of Bristol and has worked for more than 15 years as a full-time academic. Dr. Dyke has published more than 290 peer-reviewed academic articles, including in Nature and Science. He has been the Editor in Chief of the Taylor & Francis journal Historical Biology for more than 17 years.