Instructions for Author

The communicating author of the manuscript must read our instructions carefully and arrange their manuscripts according to our specific format requirements. The manuscript written in english language, only in Microsoft office word file acceptable. Please do not send pdf files.

Title: Times new roman, 14 size, Bold, Sentence case.

Author Name and Affiliations: Full name of authors followed by their affiliations. Detailed postal address with phone number and mail id is required of communicating author.

Heading: Times new roman, 12 size, Bold

Font: Times new roman, 12 size, regular

Abstract: 200 words clearly mentioning aim, method, results, conclusions.

Keywords: 4-5 words that is not written in the title.

Manuscript: Must contain subtitles such as Introduction, method, result, discussion and conclusion

Reference: only APA style is acceptable. Inside text the name of author should be written followed by et al. Numbering system of references such as 1,2,3, or I,II,III etc. is not acceptable.

Restrict your content to a maximum of 10 pages.

Table: Should be number as Table 1, Table 2 …. with citation in text.

Figure: should be numbered as Figure 1, Figure 2……..with citation in text.

Use footnotes whenever required.

Instructions for Author(s)  

For consideration of manuscripts for quick publication, please send it in the format of manuscript templet. Download it by clicking the link below

Manuscript templet JPADR