Global PvS

Global Pharmacovigilance Society (Globalpvs)

Global Pharmacovigilance Society (Globalpvs) is a self-sponsored group that has been actively working to educate the medical, paramedical, and general people regarding the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problems.
We are focusing on vulnerable persons particularly children, ladies, and old people of poor families who are prone to different pathogenic diseases and gets affected by side effects of various drug formulations that are unwanted and noxious.
We also suggest to people about how to use medicines and protect them from unwanted serious adverse drug reactions such as death, Life-threatening, Hospitalisation (initial or prolonged), Disability or Permanent Damage, Congenital Anomaly/Birth Defect, Required Intervention to Prevent Permanent Impairment or Damage (Devices), Other Serious (Important Medical Events) benefit.
We also give suggestions to pharmacists for proper dispensing of medication.
We discuss with the physicians about different techniques and pharmaceutical labels, package inserts, cautions, etc used during the manufacturing of the medicines and designing the packaging of different dosage forms and their proper uses for enhances patient compliance.
Organizing the training programs and webinars, conferences, and presentations about adverse drug reactions and their prevention are part of our organization. Awareness about generic medicine and the proper use of medicines among different individuals.
Governing Body of Globalpvs
The following is the composition of the Governing Body of Globalpvs

DesignationName of MemberDesignation
1Dr. Chinmaya MahapatraFounder President
2Mr. Manoj Kumar MaharanaFounder Secretary
3Mrs. Simran DasTreasurer
4Dr. Rajinder Kumar JalaliChief Scientific Advisor
5Dr. Maya SharmaZonal President (North)
6Dr. Pratibha NadigZonal President (South)
7Dr. Satyabrata BhanjaZonal President (Central)
8Dr. Rabinarayan AcharyaZonal President (West)
9Dr. Y. Roja RamaniZonal President (East)
10Agustina ZilifianArgentina
11Patricia Zluaga AriasColombia
12Maria da Penha SilvaBrazil
13 Luca CariolatoSwitzerland
14Dr. Josue Bautista ArteagaMexico
15Valeriy BystrovRussia
16Alain KutFrance
17Manal YounusIraq
18Dr. Mohammed ShoebGermany
19Dr. Ahmed HegazyUAE
20Dr. Luis F CortesMexico
21Dr. Jose ThekkiniathUSA
22Dr. Carmela CampanaItaly
23Irene Perez coll Spain
24Dr Samphy CheavCambodia

Functions of the Governing Body

  • The Governing Body, besides being the administrative authority of the group, shall have the following additional functions:
  • To organize different health camps and awareness about generic medicine and proper use of medicines among different individuals, reporting of adverse drug reactions to nearby ADR Monitoring Centres.
  • Monitor the proper dispensing of medicines at the different pharmacy counter.
  • To monitor patient safety and protect them from unwanted side effects of drugs.
  • To check the income and expenditure accounts of the organization.

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