About Journal

JPADR is a quarterly open access journal that publishes all the research and review activities related to pharmacovigilance of drugs and Pharmaceuticals. This platform aims to provide the latest information on adverse drug reactions of any kind of drug and dosage forms to the reader. The drug may be an investigational new drug or a marketed drug; Generic drug or branded drug; Single drug or combination of drugs; any kind of dosage forms available in the market such as tablets, capsules, parenteral, transdermal patches, ointments, creams, syrups, gels, nanotechnology driven formulations, etc. The adverse drug reactions may be known or unknown, frequent or rare, labeled or not labeled, expected or unexpected, serious or non-serious, causally related to administered drug or it could be adverse events non-related to drugs.


The published articles in this journal could be helpful to provide an insight into the adverse consequences of the drug to the reader so that he/she could be aware of such incidents and case studies while treatment of a new patient with the concerned drug.