Global Pharmacovigilance Society

We have successfully launched the new website for global Pharmacovigilance Society on 25th December 2020.

Link for this society is

Become a certified member of Global PvS and get recognized internationally in the field of pharmacovigilance.

The joining fees are very reasonable only up-to 10th January 2021.

Membership type

1.Life member

2.Annual member

3.Student member

Three ways to join the society

1. Pay 100% of required fees

2. Pay 50% of required fees and submit manuscripts to JPADR (should be acceptable after peer review )

3. Free but you have to submit 2 manuscripts that must have to be acceptable by peer review in 2 successive issues.

We do prefer free membership with good quality article published on pharmacovigilance research activities in the JPADR Journal. Our aim is to share knowledge and help the patient in terms of patient safety and drug safety. Also we are focused on helping students.

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