Volume 1 Issue 2 (Year 2020)

20201201Title: Risk- benefit associated with Azithromycin: A brief review
Authors: Pradhan A. K., Nahak A., Mohapatra G. N.
20201202Title : Overview on important methods used for Causality Assessment of adverse drug events in Pharmacovigilance
Authors: Gawai P. P.
20201203Title : A Review on Potential Drug Delivery System as a Treatment of Intercellular Bacterial Infection
Authors: Manna M., Shil A.
20201204Title : Materiovigilance: Current status in India analogous to its global status
Authors: Pandey N., Imran M.
20201205Title : Metformin related adverse events: A prospective observational study in health care centers of western Odisha
Authors: Kar S. K., Khuntia S., Nayak S.
20201206Title : Nevirapine induced Stevens Johnson Syndrome
Authors: Prajapati H., Bala N.

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