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  • Foreword By Dr. Rajinder Jalali
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Journal of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Research (JPADR) provides a platform for pharmacovigilance professionals to share their research experience with all the researchers, scientists, physicians, scientists across the globe regarding adverse events associated with a particular drug.

JPADR is a quarterly journal with 4 issues per year. The received manuscripts from all the researches undergo a peer-review process prior to its publications. As per the quality standard of our articles, we accept a manuscript with less than 10 % similarity passing through plagiarism software.

We accept manuscripts which could be a review work, short notes, original research, case studies. It could be accepted from academic institutions, hospitals and pharmaceutical industries. The pharmacovigilance professionals working for other institutions, such as contract research organizations (CROs), clinical research centres, and software companies can also submit their research work to protect the patients form unexpected adverse drug reactions.

Please read carefully the instructions for the author prior to submitting manuscripts for the safety of drugs as well as patients.

Filter your manuscripts through the software such as Grammarly, citation machine, cite this for me to generate quality manuscripts, prior to submitting it to us. Thank you.

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There are no article processing charges. You can publish your manuscript without paying any money. It is free to publish articles here in JPADR Journal.

Award for Best Author/ Editor/ Reviewer will be announced in every quarter with a consolidation prize worth INR 2000/- and a certificate

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