Funding and Sponsorship

Our aim is to achieve FREE ACCESS for readers and FREE PUBLICATION for Authors in order to promote the transfer of scientific knowledge with no economical constraints.

The costs of managing the journal will be funded by the support of a series of institutions and organizations (Universities, Conferences, Companies, public administrations, etc.) with interest in this innovative Project.

Interested parties may fund the Journal through the following:

  • subscription to the printed version of the Journal and corporate use of the on-line access platform;
  • organization of a launch of special thematic issues linked to specific conferences;
  • publication of a call for a special thematic issue linked to a specific conference or other events;
  • support of special or supplemental issues comprising papers from a specific conference;
  • advertising on the website (banners, newsletter, etc.).

Type of Sponsors

1. Financial Sponsor



Different Levels and tiers of Financial Sponsorship

Level 1: Starter

  • Listed above non-sponsoring companies 

Level 2: Bronze

  • Listed above Starter Sponsors 

Level 3: Silver

  • Listed above Bronze Sponsors 

Level 4: Gold

  • Listed above Silver Sponsors 

Level 5: Platinum

  • Listed above Gold Sponsors 

Level 6: Diamond

  • Listed above Platinum Sponsors 

Level 7: Double Diamond

  • Listed above Diamond Sponsors 

Level 8: Triple Diamond

  • Listed above Double Diamond Sponsors 

Level 9: Quadruple Diamond

  • Listed above Triple Diamond Sponsors 


Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical College, Pharmacy College, Nursing College, CRO, Software Industry, Clinical Research Company, University, NGOs or individual persons can join us as Sponsor.

By sponsoring with the Journal, your institution/organization will have the option to advertise on our online website, which features publications throughout the year, attracting a constant stream of undergraduate viewers.

The Logo of your organization will be displayed on the Banner (Diamond and Platinum) or Footer section (Gold, Silver, Bronze, Starter) of the home page. Others (in-kind, Media, or Promotional) will be displayed on the Widget of the home page.

Support our journal today by contributing the following amount as Financial Sponsor and get your Badge soon.

Starter- $ 100 USD

Bronze- $ 200 USD

Silver- $ 300 USD

Gold- $ 500 USD

Platinum- $ 700 USD

Diamond- $800 USD

Double Diamond- $ 1000 USD

Triple Diamond- $ 1500 USD

Quadruple Diamond- $ 2000 USD

Please contact for any further information.

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